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Blind Audition

The Element Festival 2021

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  • Organizer:
    Date: 18-08-2021 17:00
    Duration: 4 days and 20 hours
    Location: Lukove Beach, Sarande, Albania
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  • The Element Festival 2021
    ?We gather again for the fourth edition of The Element Festival: A gentle reminder of the momentariness of human existence and at the same time a celebration of the impermanence of all things. Under the starry skies of Lukova, our beings move not because at one moment of time they are here and at another there, but because at once they are here and not here. Among others, it is the depth of our human connections and beauty of the psychedelic sound that interconnects us.?

    The Element Festival 2021
    10-14 June at Lukove Beach, Albania

    5 Days, 3 Stages, 70+ Artists and a lot of surprises!


    LINE UP (more artists TBA):

    ??? PRIMAL STAGE ???

    ? Atriohm (live) [Parvati Records, Macedonia]

    ? Aztec Dosage (live) [Atman Records, Italy]

    ? Weirdos (live) [Parvati Records, Italy]

    ? Forest Bamp (live) [Vantara Vichitra Records, Spain]

    ? Leso (live) [Sonic Loom, Italy]

    ? Goch (live) [Rules of Nature Records, Macedonia]

    ? Groark (live) [BoiKot / Vailixis Records, Brazil]

    ? AchilleSehne (live) [Dream Crew Records, Morroco]

    ? Full Face (live) [Vantara Vichitra Records, Greece]

    ? Mountain Trolls (live) [Rules of Nature, Spain/Macedonia]

    ? Simia (live) [Hypnotique Recordings, Serbia]

    ? TheJhila (live) [Knobs and Keys Records / Hyprid Records, Germany]

    ? Afrodizzy [Lotus Feet Records, Kosovo]

    ? Anubyzz [PsyUnity Music, Portugal]

    ? Astreveta [PSYKS, Kosovo]

    ? Akiro [Intergalactic Tribe, Germany]

    ? Broadbean [Hyperloop, Australia]

    ? Esoteric Bloom [Lotus Feet Records, Macedonia]

    ? Mystic Extract [Cosmodelica Records, Macedonia]

    ? Noctum [Kosovo]

    ? Noons [Hyperloop, Australia]

    ? Oak Tales [Forestdelic records, Macedonia]

    ? Psoma (live) [Unreal Things, Macedonia]

    ? Paramorphous [Lotus Feet Records, Albania]

    ? Poetica Ira [Greece]

    ? Pollux [Kosovo]

    ? R-Kitektor [Albania]

    ? SilverDaze (live) [Voodoo Hoodoo Records, Greece]

    ? Simetrik [Lotus Feet Records, Kosovo]

    ? Simor [Spiralum Music, Israel]

    ? Sunai [Silent Existence, Kosovo]

    ? T.A.O.R. [Indali Records, Greece]

    ? Voyager [Kosovo]

    ? Virgo Cosmos [Rules of Nature Records, Albania]

    ? Younion [Lotus Feet Records, Kosovo]

    ??? THE VOID STAGE ???

    ? Billo Sama [Elektrorganizm, United Kingdom]

    ? Lele Brutal Toys [Brutal Toys Records, Italy]

    ? Rishi [Dissidance, Italy]

    ? Anascole [Blowing Haze Records, Albania]

    ? Ang (live) [Hyperloop, Kosovo]

    ? Arian Rrecaj [Vargmal, Kosovo]

    ? Da2ra [Albania]

    ? DJ Smaller [Vakuum, Germany]

    ? Eljesa [Totem Collective, Kosovo]

    ? Era [Hapesira / Frekuenc, Kosovo]

    ? Genc Elezaj [Kosovo]

    ? Katarsis [Underground Safari, Macedonia]

    ? Kaynaki [Killa Hands Arts Collective, Turkey]

    ? Kobe Dupree [Synesthetic Spectrum Collective, United States]

    ? KRI?TI?N [Segment, Albania]

    ? Leart Rama [Servis, Kosovo]

    ? Nart Ze [Vakuum / Totem Collective, Kosovo]

    ? Pandaudio [Servis, Kosovo]

    ? Rinor Hoti [Ins Culture / Vakuum, Kosovo]

    ? Straightforward [Australia]

    ? Tek Taqi [Totem Collective, Kosovo]

    ? 010010 [Nentoke, Albania]

    ??? OASIS STAGE ???

    ? Agwanti [Ministria e Psikadelikes, Albania]

    ? DreKras [Kosovo]

    ? Esoteric Bloom (chill set) [Lotus Feet Records, Macedonia]

    ? Ezbi [PSYKS, Kosovo]

    ? Goch (downtempo set) [Rules of Nature Records, Macedonia]

    ? Mizuki [Unreal Things, Macedonia]

    ? Thonolan [Kosovo]

    ? Venux [Israel]

    ? Yonky Monky [Israel]

    ? Yrnol [Lotus Feet Records, Kosovo]



    ? Visuals & Installations: Ins Culture, BlurredVision, Hyperloop

    ? Performances & Exhibitions: Circo Delirio, Killa Hands Arts Collective

    ? Decorations: Lunar Deco, Hyperloop, BlurredVision

    ? Poster Design: Arian Rrecaj


    ? Camping Zone
    ? Oasis (Chill area)
    ? Food Corner; will feature a variety of dishes with many vegetarian and vegan options
    ? Basic Needs Shop
    ? Festival Shop/Info Point
    ? Artisanal Shops
    ? Chai Area; where free tea will be served 24h a day
    ? Healing Area + First Aid Corner
    ? Fruit Stand (A variety of local fruits will be served for free)
    ? Brainwashing Station (Cinema)
    ? Secret Observatory


    ? Exhibitions
    ? Workshops
    ? Yoga Sessions
    ? Movie Screenings
    ? Expeditions (Hiking & Boat Trips)
    ? Sports and Physical Activities (Slack Line, Juggling, Voleyball)


    ? Camping site under olive trees, equipped with showers and toilets.
    ? Free camping if you bring your own tent.
    ? Tents for rent at affordable prices will be available at the site.




    ?The Element Festival is located in Lukove Beach, 23 km north of the city of Sarande in Albania.
    ?Google Maps:

    ? HOW TO GET

    ? Festival Shuttle will be available from Sarande to festival location during festival days.

    ?? Nearest Airports:

    via Corfu Airport: ? Corfu - Sarande Ferry Line (30m)
    via Tirana Airport: ?Tirana Sarande Bus Line (5h)

    ? Regional Bus Lines:

    ?? Tirana Lukove - Sarande
    ?? Prishtina Lukove - Sarande
    ?? Skopje Ohrid Sarande
    ?? Athens Sarande
    ?? Thessaloniki Gjirokaster - Sarande

    ? Regional Ferry Lines:

    ?? Corfu - Sarande (30m)
    ?? Brindisi - Sarande (7h)
    ?? Brindisi - Vlora (5h) ? Vlora -Lukove Bus Line (2h)
    ?? Trieste - Durres ? Durres - Lukove Bus Line (4h)
    ?? Bari - Durres ? Durres - Lukove Bus Line (4h)

    ? Join our meeting group to meet other people and arrange travel together:

    By Hyperloop & Butonat

    Partners: Ins Culture, Vakuum, Lotus Feet Records, Totem Collective, Ministria e Psikadelikes, Killa Hands Arts Collective, BlurredVision
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