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Blind Audition
Blind Audition

1. Select the track from your computer in the corresponding field.
2. Set a secret code associated with this piece.
3. Click on Upload to Blind Audition button.
4. Sign in here after ten days to publish the track.
The secret of the Blind Audition with unknown author is that the EMT team that gives points for the track does not know who is the author. In this way the points awarded are objective as far as possible and they are not based on the artist's reputation or image, only music matters here!
Please copy the secret code to your computer in a safe place. Based on this code you will have access to the points and the interface where you will publish the respective track on the site. After a maximum of ten days after uploading, please log in using this code. You will find the points given by the EMT team and a form in which you should complete the title and the author of the track.Then it will be published on the site.
The points awarded through UAA are of the utmost importance for the rank of the tracks, as well as for musicians’ top. The points awarded range between 1 and 100. Please do not upload known tracks, they will be automatically switched to the standard version, and the awarded points will have a lower importance.

Only Music Matters!