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Transylvania Calling - Gathering of the Tribes / 10th Edition

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  • Organizer: Transylvania Calling
    Date: 12-08-2019 10:00
    Duration: 5 days
    Location: Comana de Sus
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  • Transylvania Calling - Gathering of the Tribes / 10th Edition
    Transylvania Calling is one of Romania´s first multi-day outdoor alternative lifestyle, electronic music and arts festivals. It promotes a strong ethos of unity, connecting people from all walks of life and ages. Transylvania Calling gathers people from all over the Universe to the Wonderland of the Transylvanian mountains for 7 days and 7 nights. We come together to re-connect with nature, celebrate life, rejoice in music and dance, to experience and share.

    Festival Program:
    Program/ Lineup Summary:

    or Goabase

    7 days 7 night camping experience
    3 stages
    150+ Artists
    River location & Shaded forest
    International-food & Fashion market
    Workshops & Healing area
    Performance, Art & Visuals
    Art gallery & Cinema
    Kids & Family area
    Camping equipment rental
    Free spring water
    Toilets & Hot Showers
    Maintained community fires
    Shuttles from/to nearby town
    Charging station & Lockers
    24/7 First aid & Security
    Beer @ 10 RON / 2 EUR
    Transylvania Calling is a Platform where everyone is welcome to express themselves and their individuality. Please send us your proposals/ideas and become a co-creator of the magic Wonderland
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    Presale Prices: +Booking Fee

    • Round 1: 90 EUR (SOLD OUT)
    • Round 2: 120 EUR (GOING FAST) expiring 15 June
    • Round 3: 140 EUR
    • *Premium Package 420 EUR
    • *Low Economy Countries 90 EUR
    • Weekend Pass (4 day FR-MO) 80 EUR
    • *20% TC Friends & Family Discount
    • Australians FREE ENTRANCE 2019 use this code in our ticket-shop "Australia-WZUP7DEQ"
    • *50% Bitcoin Discount

    When you are purchasing the ticket in our ticket-shop, you will be offered the following add-ons:

    • T-shirt (25 EUR)
    • Donation to EcoWarriors
    • Free Ticket for Children under 14
    • Car Camping 30 EUR + Booking FEE
    • Caravan/RV Camp 50 EUR + Booking FEE
    • Secured Parking at Gate 15 EUR + Booking FEE

    Gate Prices:

    • Full Festival Pass (7 days Mon 11.08 11AM - Mon 19.08 11AM - 790 RON or 170 EUR)
    • Low Economy Pass (7 days Mon 11.08 11AM - Mon 19.08 - 590 RON or 125 EUR)
    • Weekend Pass (3 days Fri 16.08 11AM - Mon 19.08 11AM - 475 RON or 100 EUR)
    • Secured Parking at Gate 95 RON or 20 EUR
    • Caravan/RV Camp 285 RON or 60 EUR
    • Car Camping 190 RON or 40 EUR
    • T-shirt 119 RON or 25 EUR

    FREE unsecured Parking outside the Gate possible (800m from Camping)

    Buy tickets here:

    Tickets in EUR:
    Tickets in RON:

    *50% Bitcoin Discount only on Regular Tickets (120+140)!
    As we are all pirates and believe in life without borders, control, and stand for freedom and peer-to-peer transactions without middle men, we offer you the possibility to donate for the Transylvania Calling festival with Bitcoin, the global decentralized currency. ❗Please drop us an email📧 if you want to use this option or have questions.

    *20% discount is available for Friends and Family:
    Since the first edition of Transylvania Calling in 2004 we have become friends and family with many of you. As the 2019 edition is an anniversary one, we would sincerely love to see YOU ALL and remember those crazy times when we were young and restless :)
    If you have not received the promo code via e-mail yet, please write to us, attaching the earlier Transylvania Calling festival ticket payment confirmation and we will share the promotion code with you!

    * Low Economy Countries 90 EUR ticket is applicable for low income countries:
    Only Valid with Passport issued by these countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia / FYROM, Montenegro, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. South & Central America, Africa, India etc. email us if not sure

    IMPORTANT: Valid ID / Passport proving the national residency will be required at the check-in, otherwise ‘at the gate’ price will be applicable!

    *420 EUR Premium Package includes:
    7 days festival pass; Car/ RV camping pass; Ready to settle-in tent for 7 days of the festival; Donation to Ecowarriors to support the eco events in the local commune; Transylvania Calling t-shirt; 80 EUR drink ticket (for drinks available at the bar); Green room access

    You can earn a FREE TICKET if you:
    * Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and win a ticket in our contests
    * Create content for Transylvania Calling, for example: music, text content, visual art, painting, graphics, video, etc.
    * Hold a workshop -> apply at
    * Become a volunteer -> apply at
    * Become a group organizer: bring 10 friends and get 1 ticket free
    * You Name It: be creative! Share your proposal with us
    * Are a Festival organizer. Be our guests (2 guests per festival)

    Please email us to request your free tickets and ask questions

    Yours truly
    TC Team

    Organizer: Asociatia Artlabs

    If you have any questions related to the festival, Transylvania or Romania, or if you need any help, or a guide while you are travelling to, around and from Romania. Feel welcome to join our Discord community or subscribe to our Telegram Chat and lets chat :)

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